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Title: Multi-Criteria Decision Based Evaluation of Water Management Scenarios for Minna Metropolis, Nigeria
Authors: Otache, Martins Yusuf; Aroboinsen, H.
Animashaun, Iyanda Murtala
Keywords: Decision support, GAIA, Multi-criteria, PROMETHEE, Water resources
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Futminna
Abstract: Considering the relative importance of accommodating temporal expansion through the development of alternative strategies regarding water supply problems and probable augmentation in Minna and its metropolis, this study was designed to appraise water supply scarcity and proffer water loss reduction strategy. Against the backdrop of this fact, for this study, a Multi-Criteria based decision method was employed to evaluate management scenarios. Results obtained show that: (a) the adoption of MCDM with a robust knowledge expert base is effective for water supply analysis, (b) two plausible water management scenarios in terms of supply and allocation were identified to be effective, i.e., Individual and Group Decision Making Scenarios, (c) combination of Improved Speed and Quality of Repairs (S3) and Selective Mains and Service Line Replacements (S4) decision making options can enhance substantial water supply loss reduction. This accounted for 82.23% and 78.74% reduction respectively in water loss on transit. Results obtained also indicate that the employment of the Geometrical Analysis for Interactive Assistance (GAIA) is a viable complement in the implementation of the MCDM, especially for the preference ranking and organization method for the enrichment evaluation (PROMETHEE) approach.
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