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Title: Water Quality Assessment of Bosso Waterboard using Weighted Arithmetic Index Method
Authors: Animashaun, Iyanda Murtala
Otache, Martins Yusuf; Ojodu, A. B.; Kuti, I. A.; Bisiriyu, M. T.; Garuba, A. O.
Keywords: Drinking Water Quality, Weighted Arithmetic Index, Water Quality Status, Bosso
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers
Abstract: Information on a method that can be used to ascertain status of potable water consumed by the public is very important. Water from Bosso Water-board was assessed at the Water Board and at the consumer end using Weighted Arithmetic Index Method. Water samples collected were analyzed for twelve parameters (pH, Electrical conductivity, Chloride, Total dissolve solids, Iron, Alkalinity, Nitrite, Nitrate, Zinc, Phosphate and E.coli). The results of the analysis were used in computing Water Quality Index. The index for Water-board, Location A, B, and C were 5.96, 119.13, 60.71 and 57.66, respectively. These results showed that water sample from Bosso Water-board is fit for drinking, but samples from the consumer end were unfit. The implication is that pipe borne water supply from the Board can pose threat to the health of public when consumed
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