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Title: Innovations in Metalwork Technology for Improving Performance of Students in Nigerian Higher Institutions for Sustainable Industrialization
Authors: Sunday, A.A.
Tyem, S.U.
Umar, I.Y.
Audu, R.
Nwokolo-Ojo, J.O.
Keywords: Metalwork
Technology Education
Sustainable Industrialization
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2016
Publisher: Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology. Okezzy Productions.Com
Citation: Andrew, S. A.; Tyem, S. U.; Umar, I. Y.; Audu, R. & Nwokolo-Ojo, J. O. (2016) Innovations in metalwork technology for improve performance of students in Nigerian higher institution for sustainable industrialization. . In A.S. Bappah, F. O. N. Onyeukwu, R. O. kwori, A. U. Igweh & C. O. Igwe. (Eds). TVET and Local Content Development for Sustainable Industrialization in Nigeria. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology Conference.. Held at Niger State College of Minna, Niger State. From 17th -20th October, 2016. Okezzy Production Concepts. 260 – 268.
Abstract: Metalwork technology is an aspect of technical/technology education, which aims at equipping the learners with saleable skills to be self-reliant, create employment opportunities and contribute to economic growth and development of a nation. This study therefore, is aimed at determining the innovations for improving the performance of metalwork technology students in Nigerian higher institutions for sustainable development. Three research questions were formulated in line with the purposes of the study. The population of the study consists of 106 respondents which includes technical instructors and metalwork students. The study adopted descriptive research design. Questionnaire containing 30 items was used for data collection. The data collected was analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The findings revealed that project based learning, multi-media based learning, use of automated machines, advanced welding technique such as spot welding use of robot and laser, among others could improve the study of metalwork technology education. The study therefore, recommended among others that metalwork technology instructors should attend conferences and seminars regularly to update their knowledge on the innovations technologies in the metalwork field.
ISSN: 1119-4978
Appears in Collections:Industrial and Technology Education

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