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Title: Mechanism for Improving Technology Education Curriculum: A Necessity for Sustainable Youth Empowerment
Authors: Idris, A.M.
Umar, I.Y.
Audu, R.
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2005
Publisher: Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology. Rothmed International Limited
Citation: Idris, A. M., Umar, I. Y. & Audu, R. (2005) Mechanism for improving Technology Education Curriculum: A Necessity for Sustainable Youth Empowerment. In G.N. Nneji, F.O.N. Onyeukwu, M. Ukponson, E.A. Nneji, & B.M. Ndomi. (Eds). Technology Education for Sustainable Youth Empowerment in Nigeria. Proceedings of the 18th Annual conference of Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology, held at River state University of Science and Technology, Port- Harcourt, River state, from 10th –14th October. Rothmed International Limited. 224-226
Abstract: Abstract Generally, there has been a growing concern over a number of issues that affect the well being of youths in most nations of the world. Some of these issues are education, health, employment, poverty, drug abuse and involvement in crime. This paper is aim at improving the quality of technology education through the identification of mechanisms that will enhance and sustain youth empowerment
ISSN: 1119-4978
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