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Title: Physical and mechanical properties of raphia palm kernel at different moisture contents
Authors: Dauda, Solomon Musa
Ismail, Fatai
Balami, Audu Ayuba
Aliyu, Mohammed
Mohammed, Ibrahim Shaba
Ahmad, Desa
Keywords: Raphia palm
Moisture content
Mechanical properties
Physical properties
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: Food research
Citation: Dauda et al. / Food Research 3 (4) (2019) 305 - 312
Abstract: Raphia palm tree (faminifera) is one of the most economically useful plants in Africa, the leaves are used for shelter and the stem produces palm sap, which is consumed as a beverage. Physical and mechanical properties of raphia palm kernel were studied at three different moisture content levels of 9.69%, 14.69%, and 19.69% using standard methods and instruments. The physical properties studied were minor, intermediate, major and geometric mean diameters, arithmetic means diameter, surface area, sphericity, aspect ratio, angle of repose, bulk density, and coefficient of static friction. While the mechanical properties were maximum force, bioyield force, and deformation. The result of the physical properties of the kernel determined revealed that major diameter ranged between 42.41-43.43 mm, intermediate diameter ranged between 35.88-36.69 mm, minor diameter ranged between 23.81-25.31 mm, geometric mean diameter ranged between 33.09-34.29 mm, sphericity ranged between 7.80-7.93, surface area ranged between 32.01-34.31 cm2, true density ranged between 1.17-1.50 g/mm3, bulk density ranged between 0.8-1.19 g/mm3, porosity ranged between 31.62-42.18%, angle of repose ranged between 40.24-42.18o and coefficient of static friction ranged between 2.55-0.44, 0.5-0.14 on plywood and steel respectively. While the mechanical properties ranged between 11.01-30.06 kN for maximum force, 5.6-12 kN for bioyield point and 10.55-12.75 mm for deformation on horizontal loading and 9.44-11.77 kN for maximum force, 4.7-3.8 kN for bioyield point and 8.1-7.70 mm deformation on vertical loading. Consequently, the result will provide data for efficient handling and equipment design to the engineer.
Description: Journal article
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