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Title: Extraction of Pectin from Watermelon Rind: Parametric Sensitivity and Characterization
Authors: Isah, A. G.
Musa, U.
Alhassan, M.
Garba, M. U.
Kovo, A. S.
Okafor, V.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Faculty of Engineering, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.
Abstract: This work presents the parametric sensitivity of pectin extraction from watermelon rind. The effect of process variables such as citric acid concentration (0.5 - 5 g/100ml), particle size (95 ?m - 300 ?m) and heating time (25 min - 90 min) on pectin yield was investigated. The extracted pectin was characterized to determine the moisture content, ash content, methoxyl content, equivalent weight, anhydrouronic acid (AUA), degree of esterification (DE). The optimum yield (17.90 %) was obtained at a heating time of 90 min, citric acid concentration (CAC) of 5.0 g/100ml and particle size of 95 ?m. The pectin shows an off-white colour. Other properties were appreciably consistent with literature. The result shows that pectin extracted from watermelon rind is suitable for relevant industrial application such as food processing industry and jelling agent in jams production.
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