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Title: Synthesis of Composite Biomass Briquettes as Alternative Household Fuel for Domestic Application
Authors: Orhevba, B. A.
Musa, U.
Isah, A. G.
Bilyaminu, S.
Garba, M. U.
Nwatu, E.
Keywords: rice husk, maize cob, biomass; briquettes, composite
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science, San Francisco, USA
Abstract: This study paper presents the result of preliminary synthesis and characterization of composite biomass briquettes produced from different ratio of rice husk and maize cob using starch as binder. The moisture content of rice husks and maize cobs was determined before and after sun drying for seven days. It demonstrates that composite briquette can be produced from rice husk and maize cob effectively. These properties of each sample were improved progressively by varying their proportions.
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