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Title: Effect of Sulfuric-Tartaric Mixed Anodization on the Corrosion Behavior of Heat-Treatment Aluminum Alloy 6061 in NACL
Authors: Salisu, M.
Isah, Abubakar Garba
Garba, M.U.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Faculty of Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Abstract: Effect of sulfuric-tartaric mixed anodization on the corrosion behavior of as – cast, heat treated and heat treated plus anodized aluminium alloy (AA 6061) in 0.5 M sodium chloride (NaCL) was investigated using weight loss. To compare the effectiveness of the anodization, both anodized and unanodized coupon sample were subjected to the corrosion test. The corrosion rate was determined in 0.5 M NaCL medium. Weight losses of coupon were taken at interval of 72 hrs (3 days) over a period of 504 hrs (21 days). The result obtained shows an initial increase in corrosion rate for both anodized and anodized coupons then followed by a decrease which is tenable in normal corrosion rate profile. In comparison the unanodized coupon samples corrode faster than the anodized. It was concluded that anodization inhibit the corrosion rate of aluminium alloy 6061 NaCL medium.
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