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Title: Catalytic Effect of Kaolin on the Pyrolysis of Sawdust and Poultry wastes to Produce Biochar for CO2 Sequestration
Authors: Bello., A
Mohammed, Alhassan
Garba, M.U.
Isah., Abubakar Garba
Keywords: Kaolin
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Nigerian Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (NJEAS),
Abstract: There is an increasing realization that biomass and organic waste are valuable feedstock for pyrolysis process that produce biochar, bio-oil and biogas. The Oxides such aluminum oxide (〖Al〗_2 O) and calcium oxide (CaO) could have catalytic effect on biochar production from biomass. To study the catalytic effect kaolin, the raw kaolin was calcinated, acid modified and characterized. Sawdust (SD) and Poultry waste (PW) biomass were impregnated with the modified Kaolin at different ratio (25wt%, 50wt% and 75%) and subjected to pyrolysis at temperature between 300℃ ad 600℃. The biochar produced were analyzed, characterized and the carbon sequestration potential was evaluated hypothetically. The result showed that co-pyrolysis of SD impregnated with 25wt% of kaolin (SDK25) increased the biochar yield by 25wt% and carbon sequestration potential by 10wt% as compared to PW impregnated with 25wt% Kaolin (PWK25) which increased the biochar yield by 15wt% and carbon sequestration potentials by 5wt%. Fourier Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) spectra displayed that all biochars at 500℃ contain C-H alkyl group and aromatic band at 1571〖cm〗^(-1) which may impact positively on nutrient and water retention. Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis showed the development of well define pored for biochar produced at 500℃, while the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) analysis showed that the biochar produced from the two biomass has a good surface structure and characteristics (surface area; 410m^2 g^(-1) and 276.3m^2 g^(-1)) and could be employed as adsorbent in 〖CO〗_2 adsorption
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