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Title: Full 4^2 Factorial Experimental Design of Biogas Production from Cow Dung
Authors: Mohammed, Alhasan
Noah, Abdulmumeen
Garba, Mohammed Umar
Isah, Abubakar Garba
Keywords: Biogas
Renewable Energy
Modeling and Experimental design
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International Review of Chemical Engineering
Abstract: In this research work, a full 42 factorial experimental design procedure has been used to optimize some parameters in biogas production from cow dung in alaboratory size anaerobic digester. The effect of parameters such as production temperature, residence time and the yield of biogas have been investigated and the results showed that production temperature (X1), residence time (X2) and the interaction (X1X2) have significant effect on the yieldof bio gas(Y). The full mathematical model developed which includes the two main effects and interaction and the reduced model are introduced in the paper. The optimizer plot suggested that to optimize Y, the experiment should be conducted at a temperature and residence time of 60°C and 5 days respectively.
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