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Title: CO2 Capture Using Amine-impregnated Activated Carbon from Jatropha curcas Shell in Advances in Applied Science and Technology
Authors: Mohammed, Alhassan
Manase, Auta
Jossey, K. Sabo
Musa, Umaru
Abdullsalami, S. Kovo
Abdullahi, Abdulsalam
Keywords: Jatropha carcus shell; activated carbon; potassium hydroxide; triethanolamine; CO2 capture
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Advances in Applied Science and Technology published by Book Publisher International
Abstract: A micro porous activated carbon (JAC) was synthesis from Jatropha curcas shell an agricultural waste by chemical activation using KOH. The JAC was modified with triethanolamine (TEA) to produce (JAC-TEA). The performance of both adsorbents in CO2 capture study was evaluated in a cylindrical glass column equipped with a digital mass balance. The effect of adsorbent dosage (0.5-1.5 g) and temperature (30-60°C) as a function of time was investigated. The results showed that CO2 adsorption capacities of the adsorbents increase on amine loading and adsorbent dosage (bed height), while the adsorption capacity decreases with increase in temperature. Adsorption capacity of JAC and JAC-TEA were 66 and 78 mg/g respectively. Crystallinity, morphological structure and surface functional groups of adsorbents were characterized using X-ray diffraction, Scanning electron microscopy and Fourier Transformed Infra red spectrophotometer respectively, while the surface areas and porosity were determined by Brunauer-Emmett-Teller. Both adsorbents had good crystallinity with a well-developed pore structures. The mechanism of CO2 adsorption onto JAC and JAC-TEA is physisorption and that the adsorbent (JAC-TEA) can be used upto 7 cycles. The results of this study have revealed that a cost-effective high quality porous activated carbon can be prepared from a cheap carbonaceous material like Jatropha curcas shell and modified to improve its CO2 adsorption capacity.
Description: Book Chapter
ISBN: 978-93-89562-30-9
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