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Title: Extraction of Chrysophyllum albidum Seed Oil: Optimization and Characterization
Authors: Musa, Umaru
Isah, Abubakar Garba
Mohammed, I.A.
Garba, M.U.
Usman, Zelihatu
Alhassan, Bello
Keywords: Optimization, Characterization, Chrysophyllum albidum, Oil
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Chemical and Process Engineering Research
Abstract: This work presents the result of the optimization of extraction of oil from Chrysophyllum albidum seed using ethanol as solvent. A 23 factorial designs with replication was employed to study the effect particle size, time, and temperature of extraction. The oil yield from extraction was 12.70 – 16.85 % with the optimal yield of 16.85 % at particle size of 500 µm, temperature of 55 0 C, and a time of 6 hours. Characterizations of the oil reveal a Saponification value of 228.4mgKOH/g, iodine value of 30 gI2 /100g, peroxide value of 1.45 meq/kg, acid value of 2.52 mgKOH/g. The oil extracted from this seed can be effectively used for variety of domestic and industrial application such as the making of paint, candles, soap and biodiesel.
ISSN: 2224-7467
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