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Title: Supporting 21st century teaching and learning with web 2.0 social software internet platform
Authors: Shittu, A. T.
Gambari, I. A.
Owodunni, A. S.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Sokoto: Usman Danfodio Universiy press
Citation: Shittu, A.T., Gambari, I. A. & Owodunni, A. S. (2019) Supporting 21st century teaching and learning with web 2.0 social software internet platform.. In E. J. Ohize, C. O. Falode, C. S. Tukura, A.M. Hassan, F. Abutu, F. C. Chike Okolie & M. B. Rabiu (Eds.), A book of reading in instructional pedagogy. Sokoto: Usman Danfodio Universiy press.. 182-191
Abstract: The twin factors of content and pedagogy are principal issues in the teaching and learning situation. The hue and cry about poor quality of education can be traced largely to these factors among others. Whereas other factors like infrastructural facilities, materials, manpower, learners’ attributes, et cetera yet account for degree of learning, it may be safely argued that the factors of content and pedagogy are more overriding than the others in tcaching/lcaming situation being factors at the disposal of serving teachers and which, when duly mastered and applied can improve learning considerably in spite of other limitations. The concerns for quality education can be very effectively addressed by these two critical factors. Graduates of our Teacher Training Institutions are getting numbered among non-employable products of our educational institutions due largely to poor content knowledge, attitude and pedagogy. Retraining opportunities for remedying these deficiencies and upgrading teachers are not readily available to practicing teachers. The School of Science and Technology Education of the Federal University of Education, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, in a bid to redress this challenge, has pulled together carefully authored papers by reputable and experienced lecturers into this Book of Reading. This Book can serve as refreshing and learning resource and motivating material to teachers serving on the field. It richly addresses methods, strategies, resources, assessment, evaluation, internet platforms and management in teaching/learning environment. It is hoped that the contents of this Book will greatly enrich its readers with knowledge, skill and attitudes that will further enhance their efficiency and effectiveness at teaching. Professor Emmanuel J. Ohize Professor of Industrial & Technology Education.
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