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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-27New television camera systems operation and maintenance contents for training radio television and electronics work students in Nigeria.Uduafemhe, E. M.; Raymond, E.
2018-12-12Development of training manual for maintenance or radio and digital versatile disc player mechanical subsystem for electronics craftsmen.Ajunwa, J.; Raymond, E.; Usman, A. U.; Owodunni, A. S.
2018-06-18Development and Validation of New Closed-Circuit Television Systems Contents for Satellite Transmission and Reception Module for Technical Colleges in Nigeria.Raymond, E.; Uduafemhe, E. M.
2018-12-30Assessment of e-waste collection and disposal activities in government agencies, business and residential areas in Minna metropolis, Niger State.Ogbenna, M. N.; Raymond, E.
2017-10-29Awareness of the possible hazards of electromagnetic waves radiation among mobile phone users in Bosso, Niger State, Nigeria.Owodunni, A. S.; Raymond, E.; Akele, O. A.
2015-01-28Comparative effects of cognitive & traditional task analysis-based instructional guides on students’ skills achievement in electronics workRaymond, E.; Ogbuanya, T. C.
2016.Comparative effects of the synchronous and the asynchronous instructional approaches concerning the students’ achievement and interest in electrical engineering at the Niger state college of Education.Raymond, E.; Atsumbe, B. N.; Okwori, R. O; Jebba, M. A.
2019-12-30Effect of intelligent tutor in enhancing think-pair-share in learning of light emitting diode television troubleshooting.Hassan, J. Y.; Raymond, E.
2015-01-30Emotional intelligence and instructional performance of electrical installation and maintenance work teachers in Niger State.Raymond, E.; Hassan, Y. J.
2018-05-28Students’ achievement in basic electronics: Effects of Scaffolding and collaborative instructional approaches.Atsumbe, B. N.; Owodunni, A. S.; Raymond, E.; Uduafemhe, E. M.