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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-24Blockchain Technology in IoT Systems: Current Trends, Methodology, Problems, Applications, and Future DirectionsAlfa, Abraham Ayegba; Alhassan, John Kolo; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Olalere, Morufu
2014Human Body Temperature based Air Conditioning Control SystemAkogbe, Michael A; Folorunso, T. A.; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail
2015Design and Development of Secure Electronic Voting System Using Radio Frequency Identification and Enhanced Least Significant Bit Audio Steganographic TechniqueOlaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Folorunso, T. A.; Abdullahi, Ibrahim Mohammed; Abdulsalam, Kayode Abdulsalam
2013-12Control of a Two Layered Coupled Tank: Application of IMC, IMC-PI and Pole-Placement PI ControllersFolorunso, T. A.; Bello-Salau, Habeeb; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Abdulwahab, Norhaliza
2021Blockchain technology in IoT systems: current trends, methodology, problems, applications, and future directionsAlfa, Abraham A; Alhassan, John Kolo; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Olalere, Maruf
2021Traffic Violation Detection System Using Image ProcessingUmar, Buhari Ugbede; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Agajo, James; Isah, Omeiza Rabiu
2020Smart Room Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Control SystemNuhu, B.K.; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Dauda, A.I; Onyema, C
2020Low-cost and efficient fault detection and protection system for distribution transformerUmar, Buhari Ughede; Ambafi, J.; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Agajo, James; Isah, Omeiza Rabiu
2020A SMART OMNIDIRECTIONAL CONTROLLED WHEELCHAIRIsah, Omeiza Rabiu; Olaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Kolo, Jonathan Gana; Babatunde, Zahir B
2019Secure Bio-Cryptographic Authentication System for Cardless Automated Teller Machine TransactionsOlaniyi, Olayemi Mikail; Ameh, Innocent Ameh; Ajao, Lukman Adewale; Lawal, Omolara Ramota