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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A. N. Amadi*1, A. Musa1, E. E. Ebieme1, C. I. Unuevho1, I. M. Ameh1 and U. N. Keke2Amadi, A.N; Musa, A; Ebieme, C.C; Unuevho, C.I; Ameh, I.M; Keke, U.N
2008Abandoned building projects: Source of environmental degradationLawal, L.A.; Goshi, S.K.
2011-09-05Abattoir wastes generation, management and the environment: a case of Minna, North Central NigeriaOgbonaya, Chukwu; ADEOYE, Peter Aderemi; Ibeadotam, Chidiebere
2009Abdulfatai Jimoh, Saka Ambali Abdulkareem, Habibu Uthman, Muibat Diekola Yahya and Saratu Sanni (2009). Predictive Modelling of Concentration of Dispersed Natural Gas in a Single Room, Leonardo Journal of Sciences, Vol. 14, 78–91. Available: http://ljs.academicdirect.orgJimoh, A; Abdulkareem, A S; Uthman, H; Yahya, M D; Sanni, S
2012Abdulkareem A S, Afolabi A S, Abdulfatai J, Habibu Uthman and Odigure J O (2012). Oil Exploration and Climate Change: A Case Study of Heat Radiation from Gas Flaring in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. In: Robert Steve (eds.) Sustainable Development-Authoritative and Leading Edge Content for Environmental Management. Published by: INTECH Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia. Chapter 1, pp. 1–28Abdulkareem, A S; Afolabi, A S; Jimoh, A; Uthman, H
2011Abdulkareem A S, Habibu Uthman, Afolabi A S, and Awenebe O L (2011). Extraction and Optimization of Oil from Moringa Oleifera Seed as an Alternative Feedstock for the Production of Biodiesel. In: Majid Nayeripour and Mostafa Kheshti (eds.) Sustainable Growth and Applications in Renewable Energy Sources. Chapter 12, 342-268. Published by: INTECH Open Access Publisher, Rijeka, Croatia. Chapter 12, pp. 342–268Abdulkareem, A S; Uthman, H; Afolabi, A S; Awenebe, O L
2016Abdulqdir M., Olutoye M.A., Agbajelola D.O., Adeniyi O.D. and Eterigho E.J. (2016), Municipal solid waste conversion to energy and derived chemicals using pyrolysis, Proceedings of School of Environmental Technology International Conference (SETIC), Minna, Nigeria, pp. 416-429, (May 10-12th 2016),, M.; Olutoye, M.A.; Agbajelola, D.O.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Eterigho, E.J.
2021Ability to Minimize Cost or Maximize Income: Evidence from Women Marketers Participating in Donor-Assisted Programmes in Niger State, Nigeria.Yusuf, I.; Nmadu, J. N.; Sallawu, H.
2019AbsoluteSecure: A Tri-Layered Data Security SystemOsho, O.; Musa, F. A.; Misra, S.; Uduimoh, A. A.; Adewunmi, A.; Ahuja, R.
2013Absorption Cross Section Simulation: a Preliminary Study of Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy for Ozone Gas MeasurementPenerbit UTM Press, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.En Marcus, Tay Ching; David, Michael; Yaacob, Maslina; Salim, Mohd Rashidi; Ibrahim, Mohd Haniff; Ngajikin, Nor Hafizah; Azmi, Asrul Izam
2015Absorptive Capacity for Firms Development: Impending Factors for Small and Medium Sized Construction FirmsBilau, Abdulquadri Ade; Ajagbe, Musibau Akintunde; Bustani, Ahmadu Shehu; Sani, Tolani Abdulrahman
2001-09ABSTRACT The unit of Loan and Advances in National Assembly is one of the busiest of its departments. The beehive of activities in that unit require a much healthier, faster and more accurate management system to make it function effectively. Thus the need for the application of a computer-based system for the control and management of loans and advances in National Assembly, Abuja.BAWA, JUMMAI B
2011-05ABSTRACT The main focus of the study is the factors affecting poor performance of students in. introductory technology. A focus on Educational zone B area of Schools in Niger State. It &imed at probing and determining the factors re p.onsible to the problems either directly or indirectly for the teaching of introductory technology and to suggest solutions in order to improve the students performance in the subj ect. The work is divided in to five chapters. Introduction, Review of related literatu.rc, Research Methodology, Analysis, and Interpretation of data, and Sum!llary and Recommendations. In addressing the problem, a total of 77 respondents consisting of 68 students and 9 teachers from the zone were used for the study . including (2) senior officers in tht: ministry of education. The major instrument, used were questionnaires, oral intervie and obs~rvations. All questionnaires were based on hypothetical statement put forw rd in chapter one. Responses were . compute.d into percentages and reported in a tabu1ar form. The findings revealed that . majority of the p'oor .performances in introductory technology are: - In adequate teaching materials and 'facilities for both teachers and students; poor condition of service to teachers; among others. ~as~d on. the findings and conclusion, the researcher recommended tha~ Government should encourage and motivate both teachers and students by making the education free ' and also provide fund to the principal to purchase all materials that will enhance the academic performar ceoUMEH, EDITH HAPPINESS
2012-03ABSTRACT The main purpose of this project is to produce a structural design of steel and reinforced concrete cover pavilion, to vihualizes the aesthetic and safety implication of using steel and reinforced concrete in design. The detail design methods used in this project are according to the British Codes and standards the limit state and Elastic Method of analysis are the basis of the design and the calculations are in S.I. unit all. The design is also buttressed by extracts from CP 110, BS 8110 and BS 5950. The structure has length of 54 .94"m with total width of ] 3.53m and a sitting capacity of 1500 . . The columns are of 3 types which are reinforced with Y20 and Y16 diameter bars, while the beams are of the same size 300 x 600mm exception of the roof beanl which is 225 by 225mtn in size and reinforced with Y25 and Y20 diameter bars. The slab is designed as stair slab which has 17 panels of 6m by 6m and thread of 800mm, with riser of 300mm and are reinforced with YIO as the main reinforcement bars and Yl 0 as the distribution bars. The roof beam 2 is a universal beam, which is bolted to the column C) and Stanchion C2A. The columns rest on foundation footings of 2.45m by 2.45m, 2.5m by 2.5m and 2.6m x 2.6m which are reinforced with Y20 diameter bars. At the end of project work recommendations were made for future work, references are also referenced. viSHAIBU, ABUTU UKWENYA FAVOUR
2017-06Abubakar, S. A; Umar, I. Y; Audu, R; Idris, A. M; Saidu, H. A; Mohammed, E. & Afuwagi, U. M. (2017). Effect of Video-Based Anchored Instruction on Student Achievement and Retention in Motor Vehicle Mechanics Work in Abuja and Niger State, Nigeria.Abubakar, S. A.; Umar, I. Y.; Audu, R.; Idris, A.M.; Saidu, H. A.; Mohammed, E.; Afuwagi, U. M.
2019-01-18Abundance of plant-parasitic nematodes from rhizosphere of pepper plants as influenced by soil physical and chemical properties in parts of Niger State, NigeriaPAIKO, A.S; Bello, L. Y; Salaudeen, M. T.; Wada, A. C
2019-06-05Abutu, F., Ogunsola, F. & Bappah, A,S. (2019). Innovative quality assurance strategies for effective instructional delivery of trade subjects in technical teacher education in Nigeria.Abutu, F.; Ogunsola, F.; Bappah, A. S.