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12Studies on the fungi involved in the deterioration of stored melon seeds (Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad in Ilorin Metropolis and control .Ehita, E. Adeleke; Amadi, J.E; Adebola Matthew Omoniyi
18-10-08Efficacy of Some Botanical Extracts on the Population and Severity of Infestation of Flea Beetles on Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench). .Oyewale
20-08-03Effect of Modification on Conventional Preparation Method for Sulphated Zirconia on the Production of Fatty Acid Methyl EsterEterigho, E. J.; Farrow, T. Salome; Ogbuka, P. Chidi
200Determination of Some Metal Ions in Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) From Farms Around Keteren-Gwari Mechanic Site, Minna. Niger State.Salihu, Simon Olonkwoh
202-07-22NUTRITIONAL EVALUATION OF COOKED Tamarindus indica SEED MEAL AND PERFORMANCE OF Clarias gariepinus FINGERLINGSOrire, Abdullahi Muhammad; Chinenyem, F.S.; Haruna, Muhammed, A.
202-10Effects of Stem Moisture Content, Length of Lever Arm, Region of Cut and Cutting Attempts on the Cutting Efficiency ofa Push-Type Cassava Stem Cutter and HarvesterGbabo, Agidi; Egbe-Okpenge, I. S.; Gana, Ibrahim Mohammed
206-05Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Thermoplastic Melt Flow MeterEgbe, E. A. P. E.A.P.; Lawal, S. A.; Alkali, B.; Aliyu, U. B.
214-12Assessing the Effectiveness of Managers of Technical College Workshops: A Case of North Central Nigeria.Umar, I.Y.; Idriis, A.M.; Audu, R.; Hamza, A.B.; Igwe, C.O.; Maaji, S.A.
1986Purification and properties of avian cellular retinol-binding ProteinsAkanya, H.O; Glover, J
1986A guide to research work for studentsOlogbonsaiye, Richard Ige; Abifarin, Fasola Petunola
1989Three Cheers for Female Writers.Shehu, Halima
1991A bibliometric analysis of the literature on the Nigerian Civil WarAbifarin, Fasola Petunola
1991Recruitment, selection and appointment of personnel in Nigeria university librariesAbifarin, Fasola Petunola
1992Personnel attributes and job performance in Nigerian university librariesAbifarin, Fasola Petunola
1993Analysis of Vehicle Brake SystemsLepeshko, I.I; Ivanov, V.G; Matar, Sukheil; Abdulkadir Baba, Hassan
1993Concerning the Calculation of Active Hydraulic BrakeLepeshko, I.I; Abdulkadir Baba, Hassan
1993Analysis of Vehicle Brake SystemsLepeshko, I.I; Ivanov, V.G; Matar, Sukheil; Hassan, Abdulkadir Baba
1993Concerning the Calculation of the Active Hydraulic BrakeLepeshko, I.I; Hassan, Abdulkadir Baba
1993Analysis of Motor Car BrakeLepeshko, I.I; Ivanov, Valentine. G.; Matar, Sukheil; Hassan, Abdulkadir Baba
1993Availability and use of information technologies in Nigerian university librariesAbifarin, Fasola Petunola