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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06-02Adaptive Enhanced Physical Downlink Control Channel(EPDDCH) for LTE-Advanced SystemsSalihu, Bala A.; Dacheng, Yang; Umar Mustapha, Mala B; Zubair, S.
2013-02-20Advances in Inter-Cell Interference Coordination for Realization of Robust Heterogeneous Networks In LTE-A SystemsSalihu, B. A.; Zubair, S.; Mustapha, M. B.
2014-11-21Analytic Hierarchy process (AHP) for Autonomous Component Carrier Selection (ACCS) in Carrier Aggregation systemsSalihu, B. A.; Yang, D.; Zubair, S.
2019-04-24Application of bat algorithm for the detection of hidden nodes in IEEE802. 11ah networksFapohunda, K.; Zubair, S.; Paulson, E. N.; Saliu, O.; Michael, D.; Yusof, K. M.
2013-09-26Assessing Routing Strategies for Cognitive Radio Sensor NetworksZubair, S.; Fisal, N.; Baguda, Y. S.; Saleem, K.
2012-12-12Assessment of Wireless Network Reliability based on Evaluation of Power Model RobustnessKazeem, S.; Yahaya, S. O.; Ahmed, M. O.; Zubair, S.
2018-11-26A BAT-INSPIRED ALGORITHM FOR THE DETECTION OF HIDDEN NODES IN IEEE802.11AH NETWORKS.Fapohunda, K.O.; Zubair, S.; David, M.; Nuhu, B. K.; Nwaocha, V. O.
2018-09-01Bat-Inspired Hidden Node Detection Algorithm and Collision Minimization (BIHD-CM) Scheme for IEEE802.11AHFapohunda, K.O.; Zubair, S.; Eberechukwu, N.P.; Bala, D. C.; Fauzi, Mohd Husaini Bin Mohd; Yusof, Kamaludin Mohammed
2016-11-21Capacity and Delay Spread in Multilayer Diffusion-based Molecular Communication ChannelMustam, S. M.; Syed-Yusof, S. K.; Zubair, S.
2016-05-24Capacity of Multilayer Diffusion-based Molecular Communication (DBMC) ChannelMd Mustam, S.; Syed Yusof, S. K.; Zubair, S.
2015-02-10CARPM: Cross Layer Ant Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworkAbazeed, M.; Saleem, K.; Zubair, S.; Fisal, N.
2018-06-01Classified medium access control algorithm (CL-MAC) for enhanced operation of IEEE 802.11 ahOyegbola, K.; Zubair, S.; Onwuka, E. N.; Yusufu, R.
2011-11-26CoWiSMoN: A framework for cognitive wireless sensor mobile network system for emergency rescue managementZubair, S.; Fisal, N.; Salihu, Y.; Yerima, S.; Salihu, B. A.
2019-11-03A cuckoo search optimization-based forward consecutive mean excision model for threshold adaptation in cognitive radioAbdullahi, H.; Onumanyi, A. J.; Zubair, S.; Abu-Mahfouz, A. M.; Hancke, G. P.
2013-07-04Design and construction of a microcontroller based single axis solar trackerZubair, S.; Suleiman, A.; Abdulazzez, H. T.; Salihu, B. A.
2013-04-24Design and Construction of a Simple Microcontroller Based Conference Electronic Voting Machine with Digital DisplaySuleiman, A.; Zubair, S.; Abdulazzez, H. T.; Salihu, B. A.; Salihu, Y.
2022-12Design and Selection of Best Pump Capacity for a Solar-Powered Smart Drip Irrigation System for Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) in Mokwa, NigeriaJibril, I; Adeoye, P.A; Olorunsogo, S.T.; Zubair, S.; Adesiji, A.R.
2010-11-06Design of a Trapdoor for Password AccessAhmad, S.; Zubair, S.; Abdulazzez, H. T.; Bala, S.; Idris, L.; Ibrahim, A.
2023-12Design of Photo-Voltaic Array and Battery Bank Sizes For A Solar-Powered Intelligent Drip Irrigation System In MokwaJibril, I; Adeoye, P. A.; Olorunsogo, S. T.; Zubair, S.; Adesiji, A. R.