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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum Albidium) Seed processing into Activated Carbon for Fe and Cu removal from WastewaterAnimashaun, I. M.; Orhevba, B. A.; Otache, M. Y.; Aliyu, A.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Ad'ofikwu, I. A.
2016Analysis of the stochastic Characteristics and Modelling of Monthly Rainfall Time Series of Abeokuta, NigeriaMusa, J. J.; Jibrin, I.; Otache, M. Y.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Dada, P. O.
2021Assessment of Drought Vulnerability in Northern Nigeria.Uche, V. I.; Jimoh, O. D.; Adesiji, A. R.; Otache, M. Y.
2016Assessment of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils in Selected Local Government Areas of Kwara StateAnimashaun, I. M.; Otache, M. Y.; Mohammed, A. S.; Kariim, I; Olanrewaju, O.D
2015Assessment of Stream Hydrological Response Using Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study of River Kaduna, NigeriaOtache, M. Y.; Musa, J. J.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Animashaun, I. M.
2019-09Assessment of urban drainage system in Nigeria: a reviewMusa, J. J.; Otache, M. Y.; Saliu, I. I.; Muhammed, I. M.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Ezekiel, L. P.; Joseph, M. S.
2023Characterisation of Meteorological Drought in Northern Nigeria Using Comparative Rainfall-Based Drought MetricsJimoh, O. D.; Otache, M. Y.; Adesiji, A. R.; Olaleye, R. S.; Agajo, J
2019Effect of crop water intake on water table depth: A case study of Chanchaga irrigation scheme.Musa, J. J.; Dada, P. O. O.; Otache, M. Y.; Adesiji, A. R.; Oiganji, E.; Musa, I. H.; Kutigi, I. B.; Uyehe, S.
2021-01-29Effects of Model Structural Complexity and Data Pre-Processing on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Forecast Performance for Hydrological Process ModellingOtache, M. Y.; Musa, J. J.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Mohammed, M.; Pam, L. E.
2021Implications of Optimisation Algorithm on the Forecast Performance of Artificial Neural Network for Streamflow ModellingOtache, M. Y.; Musa, J. J.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Mohammed, M.
2021Irrigation with Unsafe Industrial Wastewater and Associated Health Risks: An Emerging Technology for Heavy Metals RemovalMohammed, A. S.; Danso-boateng, E.; Sanda, A. D.; Wheatley, M. I.; Animashaun, M. I.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Musatapha, H. I.; Otache, M. Y.; Musa, J. J.
2016-12-18Predicting Mobility of Cadmium (Cd) and Lead (Pb) in Contaminated Soil through a Mathematical ModelAnimashaun, I. M.; Olorunsogo, S. T.; Otache, M. Y.; Kuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Abdullahi, M. B.; Ibrahim, J.
2021-08-09A Review on Drought Onset and DemiseEmmanuel, I.; Adesiji, A. R.; Jimoh, O. D.; Otache, M. Y.
2023-12-12Spatial and Temporal Features of Meteorological Drought Utilizing Non-Stationary Standardized Precipitation Index (SnsPI) for Designated Stations in the North-Western Region of NigeriaAnimashaun, Iyanda Murtala; Otache, M. Y.