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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-03Antlion Optimization-Based Feature Selection Scheme for Cloud Intrusion Detection Using Naïve Bayes AlgorithmChristopher, Haruna Atabo; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Misra, Sanjay; Odun-Ayo, I.; Sharma, M. M.
2018Comparative Evaluation of Mobile Forensic ToolsAlhassan, J. K.; Oguntoye, R. T; Misra, Sanjay; Adewumi, Adewole; Maskeliunas, Rytis; Damaševicius, Robertas
2012-02-16Effect of network hierarchy in a typical campus area network (CAN) of a universityZubair, Suleiman; Adediran, Y. A.; Misra, Sanjay; AbdulAzeez, Hassan T.; Suleiman, Ahmad
2020An Experimental Approach to Unravel Effects of Malware on System Network InterfaceSubairu, Sikiru Olanrewaju; Alhassan, J. K.; Misra, Sanjay; Abayomi-Alli, Olusola; Ahuja, Ravin; Damasevicius, Robertas; Maskeliunas, Rytis
2020A Framework for Cyber Ethics and Professional Responsibility in ComputingAlhassan, J. K.; Abba, E.; Misra, Sanjay; Ahuja, Ravin; Damasevicius, Robertas; Maskeliunas, Rytis
2018A Fuzzy Classifier-Based Penetration Testing for Web ApplicationsAlhassan, J. K.; Misra, Sanjay; Umar, A; Maskeliūnas, Rytis; Damaševičius, Robertas; Adewumi, Adewole
2018-02-23MANAGEMENT OF ELECTRIC POWER IN NIGERIAAjiboye, Johnson Adegbenga; Ajiboye, Mary Adebola; Misra, Sanjay; Matthews, Victor; Ahuja, Ravin
2013-11Towards an Iterative Maintainability Web Service Model for Effective Mobile Healthcare Delivery”, in Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Emerging and Sustainable Technologies for Power and ICT in a Developing societyAdeoye, Olamide Olayinka; Misra, Sanjay; Olaniyi, O. Mikail; Ahmed, Aliyu
2011Using a weightless neural network to forecast stock prices: A case study of Nigerian stock exchangeAlhassan, J. K.; Misra, Sanjay