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20191. Adefolalu, F.S, Ogbadoyi EO., Ndams, I.S and Mann, A. (2019). Evaluation of repellent effect of extracts of Hyptis suaveolens and Ocimum gratissimum leaf on diptera (culicidae).Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Ndams, Iliya S.; Mann, A
2018-01-02Assessment of nutritional properties of fermented and unfermented seeds of Cissus populnae from Niger State, NigeriaMathew, J. T; Dauda, B. E. N; Mann, A; Ndamitso, M. M; FADIPE, Labake Ajoke; Shaba, E. Y
2014-07-14Assessment of Phytoconstituents and Antidiabetic Activity of the Crude Extract and Partitioned Fractions of Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Exell (Celastraceae) Root BarkFADIPE, Labake Ajoke; Mann, A; Raheem, F.O; Saidu, A.N; Yisa, J; Ogbadoyi, E.O
2014-07-14Assessment of phytoconstituents and antidiabetic activity of the crude extract and partitioned fractions of Maytenus senegalensis (Lam.) Exell (Celastraceae) root barkMann, A; Roheem, F. O; Saidu, A. N; Yisa, J; FADIPE, Labake Ajoke; Ogbadoyi, E. O
2021-05-29Biological and pharmacological evaluation of crude venom extracted from Tetraodon fahaka strigosus and Potamotrygon garouensis obtained from River Niger, Niger State, NigeriaSalihu Makanta, Adamu; Mann, A; Abdulkadir, A; Fadipe, L.A; Ndamitso, M.M; Ogbadoyi, E.O; Daniyan, S.Y; Bake, G.G
2014Effects of petroleum ether and n-hexane extracts of Globemetula brauni on glucose, lipids and some biochemical parameters of diabetic rats.Muhammad, Hadiza L.; Kabir, A. Y.; Mann, A; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Busari, M.B.; Raji, R.O; Shekowan, S.M.; Iwagbulem, B.
2013Evaluation of Susceptibility and Resistance Effects of Mosquito (Diptera) Detoxifying Enzymes to synthetic and Plant Insecticides.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Ndams, Iliya S.; Mann, A
2019-11In-Vitro Alpha Amylase Inhibitory Activity of Crude Ethanol Extracts of Selected Medicinal PlantsUmar, M. B; Ogbadoyin, E.O; Kabiru, A.Y; Mann, A; Adamu, Z; Usman, M.O
2013Oil Characterization, Amino Acid and Vitamin A and C Composition of Cucurbita Maxima Seed obtained from Sakpe, Niger State, NigeriaMohammed, S. S; Paiko, Y. B; Mann, A; Mathew, J. T; Hamzah, R. U; Mustapha, S
2019Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in smoked beef: effect of solvents and extraction methodsInobeme, A; Ajai, A. I.; Mann, A; Iyaka, Y. A