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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment And Characterization Of Municipal Solid Waste Generated In Minna, Niger State (part 1)Ahmed, F. A; Kovo, A. S; Idah, P. A
2007-04An Assessment of Impact Damage to Fresh Tomato FruitsIdah, P. A; Ajisegiri, E. S. A; Yisa, M. G
2014-06Assessment of Osmotic Pre-Drying Treatment on Drying Rates of Fresh Tomato FruitsIdah, P. A; Obajemihi, I. O; Adeboye, O. A; Olaniyan, A. M
2003Changes in Quality of Dried Tomato Stored in Sealed High Density Polythene FilmIdah, P. A; ORHEVBA, Bosede Adelola
2013-01Comparative Assessment of Energy Values of Briquettes from Some Agricultural By-Products with Different BindersIdah, P. A; Mopah, E. J
2006-09Determination of Engineering Properties of Some Fresh Tomato Cultivars Grown in NigeriaIdah, P. A; Ajisegiri, E. S. A; Yisa, M. G
2013-04Determination of some Engineering Properties of Dika Nut (Irvingia gabonensis) at Two Moisture Content Levels as Relevant to Its ProcessingOrhevba, B. A; Idah, P. A; Adebayo, S. E; Nwankwo, C. C
2013Determination of Some Engineering Properties of Dika Nut (Irvingia gabonensis) at Two Moisture Content Levels as Relevant to its ProcessingOrhevba, B. A; Idah, P. A; Adebayo, Segun Emmanuel; Nwankwo, C. C
2016Development and Optimisation of Cassava Starch-Zinc-Nanocomposite Film for Potential Application in Food PackagingFadeyibi, A; Osunde, Z. D; Agidi, G; Idah, P. A; Egwim, E.C
2017Development and testing of an automated grain drinks processing machineGana, Ibrahim Mohammed; Gbabo, Agidi; Idah, P. A; Anuonye, J. C
2003-04Development Of An Impact Testing MachineAjisegiri, E. S. A.; Idah, P. A; Kromer, K. H.; Damerow, L.
1998-06Development of Electric Dryer for BiomaterialsYisa, M. G; Idah, P. A; Alabadan, B.
2018-06Effect of some process variables on flowability and thermal properties of sprouted tigernut (Cyperus esculentus) flour.Komolafe, G. O; Osunde, Z. D; Idah, P. A; Chinma, C. E
2010-07Effect of Temperature and Drying Time on Some Nutritional Quality Parameters of Dried TomatoesIdah, P. A; Musa, J. J; Olaleye, S. T
2008Effect Of Temperature And Time On The Moisture Content, Colour, And Texture Of OkraKomolafe, G. O; Idah, P. A
2015-01Effects of Maturity on the Proximate Composition of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)Nwachukwu, N. G; Idah, P. A
2014-03Effects of Osmotic Pre-Drying Treatments, Duration and Drying Temperature on Some Nutritional Values of Tomato FruitIdah, P. A; Obajemihi, O. I
2013-03Effects of smoke-drying temperatures and time on physical and nutritional quality parameters of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)Idah, P. A; Nwankwo, I
2014-05-15Effects of soaking on moisture: Dependent mechanical properties of some selected grains essential to design of grain drinks processing machineGana, I. M; Idah, P. A; Gbabo, A; Anuonye, J. C