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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-02An analysis of three modes of mobile instructional package on mathematics students’ interest in colleges of education in North-central NigeriaJimoh, M. A.; Jimoh, F.; Santali, R.; Bawa, Saratu; Rufai, K.O.
2019-10-05Assessment of Students Interest in Curriculum Innovation in Secondary Schools in Minna MetropolisBawa, Saratu; Laka, Abdullahi Usman; Idris, Umar Sarkin Bauchi
2019-10-05Assessment of students’ interest in curriculum innovation in secondary schools in Minna metropolis, Niger state.Bawa, Saratu; Laka, A.U.; Bauchi, U.S.; Abuja, M.
2016-08-28An assessment of the impact of inclusive education on learning of senior secondary school biology students in Niger State, Nigeria.Wushishi, D. I.; Bawa, Saratu
2020-06-25Development and Evaluation of Innovative Instructional Module for Teaching and Learning of Biology in Senior Secondary Schools.Yaki, A. A.; Midat, C. Y.; Bawa, Saratu
2018-10A Discourse on the Innovative Assessment Techniques for Valid Assessment in Educational Institutions in NigeriaIdris, Umar SB; Bawa, Saratu; Laka, Abdullahi Usman
2018-10-05A discourse on the innovative assessment techniques for valid assessment in educational institutions in Nigeria.Idris, U.S.B.; Abdullahi, U.L; Bawa, Saratu
2019-03-28Effects of computer assisted instruction on pupils’ retention in English language spelling in Niger State, Nigeria.Aniah, A.; Bawa, Saratu
2020-12-20Effects of video based instructional package on achievement of secondary school biology students in Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria.Bawa, Saratu; Nzegwu-Ossayogi, L.O.; Koroka, M.U.S.
2020-06-27Fostering high, medium and low ability senior secondary school students’ genetic achievement utilizing integrated stem approach in Minna, Niger StateYaki, A. A.; Bawa, Saratu; Nmadu, K. R,
2020-12-20Preparedness and attitude of undergraduate students towards the use of whatsapp for biology instruction in federal university of technology, Minna.Bawa, Saratu; Zaliha, I. Z.; Koroka, M.U.S.
2020-12-10Preparedness and Attitudes of Undergraduate Students Towards the Use of WhatsApp for Biology Instruction in Federal University of Technology MinnaBawa, Saratu; I. Z., Zaliha; Idris, Umar Sarkin Bauchi; Koroka, M. U. S.