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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20192. K. Y. Mudi, A. S. Abdulkareem, O. S. Azeez, A. S. Kovo., J. O. Tijani and E. J. Etergho (2019). Optimization of bi metallic (Fe-Co) Catalyst on Kaolin Support for Carbon nanofiber growth in a CVD Reactor. Carbon Letters. 2233 – 4998. Korean Carbon Society. Springer. ISSN 2233 – 4998 (ONLINE) ISSN 1976-4251(PRINT)Mudi, K. Y.; Abdulkareem, A. S.; Azeez, O. S.; Kovo, A. S.; Tijani, J. O.; Eterigho, E. J.
2015Analysis of Heat Exchanger Networks for Minimum Total Annual Cost (TAC) Using Pinch Analysis.Lukman, Y.; Suleiman, B.; Azeez, O. S.
2023-12-29Application of Activated Rice Husk for Adsorptive Bleaching of Groundnut Oil: Kinetic, Equilibrium and Thermodynamic StudyDallacoasta, A. I.; Abdulsalam, A.; Aboje, A. A.; Azeez, O. S.
2016Application of Factorial analysis for Quicklime Production from LimestoneAkande, H. F.; Abdulkareem, A. S.; Kovo, A. S.; Azeez, O. S.; Onifade, K. R.
2014Application of Supply and Target Based Superstructure for the Optimal Placement of Multiple Utilities in Heat Exchanger Networks.Azeez, O. S.; Isafiade, A. J.; Fraser, D. M.
2018Area Targeting of Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) Using a Modified Pinch Technique.Onyemachi, J. O.; Azeez, O. S.
2017Biodiesel Production from Waste Frying Oil via Heterogeneous Transesterification: Optimization Study.Yussuf, A. S.; Adeniyi, O. D.; Azeez, O. S.; Olutoye, M. A.; Akpan, U. G.
2005Decolourization of Gum Arabic using activated CharcoalAzeez, O. S.
2019Determination of Optimal Mass Separating Agent for the Removal of Pollutants from Industrial Wastes Using Mass Exchanger Network Synthesis.Adebayo, G. B.; Azeez, O. S.; Abdulkareem, A. S.
2020-04-27Development of Carbon Nanofibers/Pt Nanocomposites for Fuel Cell ApplicationMudi, K. Y.; Abdulkareeem, A. S; Kovo, A. S.; Azeez, O. S.; Tijani, J. O
2019Effect of Supertartgeting and Non Isothermal Stream Mixing in Heat Exchanger Network Design Using Modified Pinch AnalysisAzeez, O. S.; Ogbonnaya, B.; Ekechukwu, O.; Hassan, A.
2017Energy Optimization of Heat Exchanger Network of a Nigerian based Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit using Pinch Analysis.Ismail, I. P.; Azeez, O. S.; Makwashi, M.
2016Energy Utilization, Conservation and Auditing in Nigeria Cement Industry.Abdulkarim, N.; Bori, I.; Timothy, E.; Azeez, O. S.; Abubakar, M.
2016Evaluation of Total Annual Costs of Heat Exchanger Networks Using Modified Pinch Analysis.Lukman, Y.; Suleiman, B.; Azeez, O. S.
2018Exergy and Energy Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Fuelled Using Methanol, Propane and Butane.Emordi, C. O.; Abdulkareem, A. S.; Azeez, O. S.; Afolabi, S.
2015Heat Exchanger Network Optimization of Naptha Hydrotreating Unit of a Nigerian Refinery Using Pinch Analysis.Azeez, O. S.; Sunday, U. B.; Suleiman, B.
2013Interval-Based Superstructure Synthesis of Heat and Mass Exchange Networks.Azeez, O. S.; Isafiade, A. J.; Fraser, D. M.
2018Kinetic Studies of Groundnut Oil Bleaching Using Activated Clay as Adsorbent.Azeez, O. S.; Lawal, A.
2015Mathematical Modeling of Process Parameters of a typical tannery Effluent.Azeez, O. S.; Olagoke, I. M.
2016Modeling and Simulation of Energy Recovery from a Photovoltaic Solar CellAdeniyi, O. D.; Ali, D. A.; Olutoye, M. A.; Adeniyi, M. I.; Azeez, O. S.; Otaru, A. J.; Eniafe, B. O.