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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-10Activated carbon prepared from shea butter husk by box-behnken response surface methodologyBernard, Esther; Abdulfatai, Jimoh; Yahya, Muibat Diekola; Auta, Manase
2012-07-05Batch adsorption of reactive red 120 from waste waters using activated carbon from waste teaAuta, Manase
2016Carbon Capture Using Amine Impregnated Activated Carbon from Jatropha Curcas ShellAlhassan, Mohammed; Auta, Manase; Sabo, Jossey, K.; Umaru, Musa; Kovo, Abdulsalami, S.; Abdulsalam, Abdullahi
2012-07-30Cathodic Protection as a corrosion prevention method in chemical and marine industriesAuta, Manase
2019-02-15CO2 capture using amine-impregnated activated carbon from Jatropha curcas shellMohammed, Alhassan; Auta, Manase; Sabo, Jossey, K.; Umaru, Musa; Kovo, Abdulsalami, S.
2012-06-30A Comparative Analysis and Characterization of Animal Bones as AdsorbentMohammed, Abubakar; Aboje, Alechenu; Auta, Manase; Jibril, Mohammed
2020-10-07Comparative analysis of linear and nonlinear equilibrium models for the removal of metronidazole by tea waste activated carbonEbili, Peter Emmanuel; Auta, Manase; Obayomi, Kehinde Shola; Okafor, Joseph Onyebuchi; Yahya, Muibat Diekola; Faruq, Aisha Abubakar
2017Comparative Studies of CO2 Capture Using Acid and Base Modified Activated Carbon from Sugarcane BagasseAlhassan, Mohammed; Iwodi, Andrew; Auta, Manase; Garba, M.U.; Isah, Abubakar Garba; Alhassan, Bello
2021-11-30Comparative Study of oil Adsorbent using Corn Chaff and Coconut FibreAuta, Manase
2019Development of Nikel-Ferrite-Activated Carbon(NiFe2O4-AC) Adsorbent via Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Assisted Sol-Gel Combustion MethodDavou, Bitrus James; Olutoye, Moses Aderemi; Auta, Manase
2015-03-18Diethanolamine Functionalized Waste Tea Activated Carbon for CO2 AdsorptionAuta, Manase; Umaru, Musa; Yahya, Muibat Diekola; Adeniyi, Olalekan David; Aris, Ibrahim Mohammed; Suleiman, Bilyaminu
2013-06-11Extraction and Characterization of Drilling Fluid from Castor OilAuta, Manase
2022-06-30Extraction of Nano-Chitosan from waste white shrimp shells for the removal of phenol from refinery wastewater: Optimization of chitosan synthesis and phenol adsorptionIbrahim, Abubakar Abubakar; Jimoh, Abdulfatai; Yahya, Muibat Diekola; Auta, Manase
2022-05-17Facile preparation of amine -functionalized corn husk derived activated carbon for effective removal of selected heavy metals from battery recycling wastewaterIsmail, Muhammad Salihu; Yahya, Muibat Diekola; Auta, Manase; Obayomi, Kehinde Shola
2012-09-30Fixed bed adsorption studies of Rhodamine b dye using oil palm empty fruits bunch activated carbonAuta, Manase
2015-09-01Influence of Catalyst Concentration and Temperature on Reactive Extraction of Moringa Oleifera Oil Seed for Biodiesel ProductionAris, Ibrahim Mohammed; Umaru, Musa; B., Suleiman; Auta, Manase; K.R., Onifade; A., Monica Baaki
2017-10-17Optimization and Modeling of Chitin Synthesis from Fish Scale using Response Surface MethodologyAbubakar, Abubakar Ibrahim; Abdulfatai, Jimoh; Auta, Manase; Yahya, Muibat Diekola
2018Optimization of citrus peels D-limonene extraction using solvent-free microwave green technologyAuta, Manase; Musa, Umar; Tsado, D. G.; Faruq, Aisha Abubakar; Isah, Abubakar Garba; Raji, S.; Nwanisobi, C.
2011-07-04Optimization of Preparation Conditions for Activated Carbon from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch For Adsorption Acid Red 1 Using Response Surface MethodologyAuta, Manase
2012-09-23Optimization of tea waste activated carbon preparation parameters for removal of cibacron yellow dye from textile waste watersAuta, Manase