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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12-17Acid modified local clay beads as effective low-cost adsorbent for dynamic adsorption of methylene blueAuta, M.; Hameed, B.H.
2018-07-10Acid Pre-Treatment and Enzymatic Saccharification of Sorghum Stalk for Cellulosic Ethanol Production, Petroleum Technology DevelopmentMohammed, I.A.; Musa, U.; Auta, M.; Garba, M.U.; Faruq, A.A.; Godspower, J.C.
2012-05-24Ackee apple (Blighia sapida) seeds: a novel adsorbent for the removal of Congo Red dye from aqueous solutionsBello, O.S.; Auta, M.; Ayodele, O.B.
2014Adeniyi O.D., Farouk A., Adeniyi M.I., Auta M., Olutoye M.A. and Olarewaju S.Y. (2014) Briquetting of palm kernel shell biochar obtained via mild pyrolytic process, LAUTECH Journal Engineering and Technology (LAUJET), Ogbomosho, Nigeria, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 30-34, ISSN 1597-0000Adeniyi, O.D.; Farouk, A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Auta, M.; Olarewaju, S.Y.
2014-05-14Adsorption of carbon dioxide by diethanolamine activated alumina beads in a fixed bedAuta, M.; Hameed, B.H.
2022-04-15Adsorption of endocrine disruptive congo red onto biosynthesized silver nanoparticles loaded on Hildegardia barteri activated carbonObayomi, K.S.; Lau, S.Y.; Akubuo-Casmir, D.; Yahya, M.D.; Auta, M.; Fazle Bari, A.S.M.; Oluwadiya, A. E.; Obayomi, O.V.; Rahman, M.M.
2010-01-10Application of 23 factorial design for the production of a standard flex coat paintAuta, M.; Aloko, D.F.
2017-10-17Application of Response Surface Methodology for Preparation of Activated Carbon from Melon HuskBernard, E.; Jimoh, A.; Yahya, M.D.; Auta, M.
2015Auta M., Umaru M., Yahya M.D., Adeniyi O.D., Aris I. M., and Suleiman B. (2015), Diethanolamine functionalized waste tea activated carbon for CO2 adsorption, Proceedings of International Conf. on Chemical, Environmental and Biological Sciences (CEBS), Dubai, UAE, pp. 119-122, ISBN 978-93-84422-11-0, (March 18-19th 2015) www.iicbe.orgAuta, M.; Umaru, M.; Yahya, M.D.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Aris, I.M.; Suleiman, B.
2013-10-15Chitosan–clay composite as highly effective and low-cost adsorbent for batch and fixed-bed adsorption of methylene blueAuta, M.; Hameed, B.H.
2012-12-31Coalesced chitosan activated carbon composite for batch and fixed-bed adsorption of cationic and anionic dyesAuta, M.; Hameed, B.H.
2012A Comparative Analysis and Characterization of Animal Bones as AdsorbentMohammed, A.; Auta, M.; Mohammed, J.; Aboje, A. A.
2017-04-10Comparative studies of CO2 capture using acid and base modified activated carbon from sugarcane bagasseAlhassan, M.; Andrew, I.; Auta, M.; Umaru, M.; Garba, M.U.; Isah, A.G.; Alhassan, B.
2019-09-24A Comprehensive Review on Use of Poly Electrolyte Complex PEC as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Heavy Metals From Aqueous SolutionAchanya, B.E.; Auta, M.
2011Development and Characterization of Hydrocarbon from Nylon and used tyre, Nigerian Journal of Technological Research, 2011, 6 (1):46-50.Dim, P. E.; Auta, M.
2019-11Development of microporous activated Aloji clay for adsorption of lead (II) ions from aqueous solutionObayomi, K.S.; Auta, M.
2011Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of CO2 Absorption from Ethane Gas in Absorption Tower using ASPEN-HYSYS Process Simulator SoftwarePoulad, B.; Amani, H.; Auta, M.; Bolarinwa, A.O.
2010-01-30The effect of concentration, temperature, and the potency of hydrogen on the adsorption of calcium on manganese dioxideAloko, D.F.; Auta, M.
2011-11-09Effect of Process Variables on Biodiesel Production from Neem Seed OilMohammed, I.A.; Suleiman, B.; Mustapha, A.; Auta, M.; Yahya, M.D.
2015-04-11Efficacy of Moringa Oleifera Seed as Sustainable Option in Water Treatment for Safe DrinkingTsado, D.G.; Adamu, M.; Auta, M.