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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-04CALIBIRATION OF GREENBERG AND GREENSHIELD MODEL FOR ABUJA TRAFFICBello, Marafa A; Kolo, Stephen Sunday; Alhassan, Mohammed; Abdulrahman, Shuaibu Hassan; Mohammed, Shehu
2016Carbon Capture Using Amine Impregnated Activated Carbon from Jatropha Curcas ShellAlhassan, Mohammed; Auta, Manase; Sabo, Jossey, K.; Umaru, Musa; Kovo, Abdulsalami, S.; Abdulsalam, Abdullahi
2017Comparative Studies of CO2 Capture Using Acid and Base Modified Activated Carbon from Sugarcane BagasseAlhassan, Mohammed; Iwodi, Andrew; Auta, Manase; Garba, M.U.; Isah, Abubakar Garba; Alhassan, Bello
2020Comparative Studies of the Effect of CaO and Zeolite Catalyst on Waste Plastics PyrolysisBello, Mohammed Bashir; Alhassan, Mohammed; Isah, Abubakar Garba; Kovo, Abdulsalami Sani; Olanrewaju, Olalekan
2019-01Effect of particle size on thermal decomposition and devolatilization kinetics of melon seed shellAhmed, Awwal; Afolabi, Eyitayo Amos; Garba, M.U.; Musa, Umaru; Alhassan, Mohammed; Ishaq, Kariim
2019-01-14Effect of particle size on thermal decomposition and devolatilization kinetics of melon seed shellAwwal, Ahmed; Eyitayo, Amos Afolabi; Mohammed, Garba Umar; Musa, Umar; Alhassan, Mohammed; Kariim, Ishaq
2024-03-04EVALUATION OF CARBON POWDER AS MINERAL FILLER IN HOT MIXED ASPHALTLadan, Mamuda; Kolo, Stephen Sunday; Alhassan, Mohammed; Shehu, Mohammed
2024-03-04EVALUATION OF RICE HUSK ASH AS MINERAL FILLER IN HOT MIX ASPHALTVershima, Paul Susugh; Kolo, Stephen Sunday; Alhassan, Mohammed
2016On The Synthesis of Zeolite Y/ZSM-5 Composite via Novel TechniqueKovo, A.S.; Ejiro, Opuama; Edoga, M.O.; Abdulkadir, Mukhtar; Isah, Abubakar Garba; Alhassan, Mohammed
2022Oxidation stability and cold flow properties of biodiesel synthesized from castor oil: Influence of alkaline catalysts type and purification techniquesIsah, Abubakar Garba; Faruk, Aisha Abubakar; Musa, Umaru; Garba, Umar Mohammed; Alhassan, Mohammed; Abdullahi, Usman Baro; Damian, Agi Tyoor
2015Yakatun A. A., Adeniyi O.D., Adeniyi M.I., Auta M., Faruk A.A. and Alhassan M. (2015), Estimation of particle size distribution in carbonized municipal solid waste using dynamic light scattering method, Proceedings of International Engineering Conference (IEC), Minna, Nigeria, pp. 481-485, ISBN 978-93-84422-11-0, (Sept 1-3rd 2015),, A.A.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Auta, M.; Faruk, A.A.; Alhassan, Mohammed