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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Abdulqdir M., Olutoye M.A., Agbajelola D.O., Adeniyi O.D. and Eterigho E.J. (2016), Municipal solid waste conversion to energy and derived chemicals using pyrolysis, Proceedings of School of Environmental Technology International Conference (SETIC), Minna, Nigeria, pp. 416-429, (May 10-12th 2016),, M.; Olutoye, M.A.; Agbajelola, D.O.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Eterigho, E.J.
2016Adeniyi O. D. , Ali D. A., Olutoye M. A., Adeniyi M. I., Azeez O. S., Otaru A. J. and Eniafe B.O. (2016), Modeling and Simulation of Energy Recovery from a Photovoltaic Solar cell, Nigerian Journal of Technological Research (NJTR), NJTR Vol. 11(1) 26-31, DOI: , ISSN 0795-5111.Adeniyi, O.D.; Ali, D.A.; Olutoye, M.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Azeez, O.S.; Otaru, A.J.; Eniafe, B.
2020Adeniyi O. D., Ngozichukwu, B, Adeniyi M.I., Olutoye M.A., Musa U., and Ibrahim M.A. (2020), Power Generation from Melon Seed Husk Biochar using Fuel Cell, Ghana Journal of Science, 61(2), 38-44, eISSN: 0855-1448,, O.D.; Ngozichukwu, B.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Musa, U.; Ibrahim, M.A.
2015Adeniyi O.D. (2015), Solid oxide direct carbon fuel cell electrochemical performance using wheat and spruce Carbon Fuels, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, London, U.K, (SCOPUS) 37(22),pp. 2401 - 2407,, DOI:10.1080/15567036.2012.715230,Adeniyi, O.D.
2008Adeniyi O.D. , Nwalor J.U. and Ako C.T. (2008) A Review on Waterflooding Problems in Nigeria’s Crude Oil Production, Journal of Dispersion Science & Technology (JDST), Taylor & Francis Group LLC, Philadelphia, U.S.A., 29(3): 362-365, 2008, ISSN: 0193-2691 print / 1532-2351 online,, O.D.; Nwalor, J.U.; Ako, C.T.
2006Adeniyi O.D. and Bawa A.A. (2006) Mackerel (ScomberScrombrus) Oil Extraction and Evaluation as Raw Materials for Industrial Utilization, Leonardo Journal of Sciences (LJS), Romania, Issue 8, pp. 33-42, ISSN 1583-0233, http://ljs.academicdirect.orgAdeniyi, O.D.; Bawa, A.A.
2012Adeniyi O.D. and Ewan B.C.R. (2012), Electrochemical conversion of switchgrass and poplar in molten carbonate direct carbon fuel cell, International Journal of Ambient Energy, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, London, U.K, 33:4, 204-208 ISSN: 0143–0750 print/ 2162–8246 online., O.D.; Ewan, B.C.R.
2011Adeniyi O.D. and Ewan, B.C.R. (2011) Performance study on the use of biomass carbon in a direct carbon fuel cell, Proceedings of the Bioten Conference on biomass, bioenergy and biofuels 2010, SUPERGEN Bioenergy, Birmingham, CPL Press, U.K., pp.407- 419 (21-23th September 2010),, O.D.; Ewan, B.C.R.
2015Adeniyi O.D., Adeniyi M.I, Kovo A.S., Akpan U.G., Garba M. U. and Nafiu J. O. (2015), Cashew-Nut Shell Liquid Extract as Anti-Oxidant for Gasoline Stabilization, Biofuels, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, London, U.K, 6(5-6): 291-294, , DOI:10.1080/17597269.2015.1100040,Adeniyi, O.D.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Kovo, A.S.; Akpan, U.G.; Garba, M.U.; Nafiu, J.O.
2014Adeniyi O.D., Ewan, B.C.R., Adeniyi M.I. and Abdulkadir M. (2014) The behaviour of biomass char in two direct carbon fuel cell designs, Journal of Energy Challenges & Mechanics (JECM), Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, Vol.1, Issue 4, article 6, pp.1-6 .Adeniyi, O.D.; Ewan, B.C.R.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Abdulkadir, M.
2014Adeniyi O.D., Farouk A., Adeniyi M.I., Auta M., Olutoye M.A. and Olarewaju S.Y. (2014) Briquetting of palm kernel shell biochar obtained via mild pyrolytic process, LAUTECH Journal Engineering and Technology (LAUJET), Ogbomosho, Nigeria, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 30-34, ISSN 1597-0000Adeniyi, O.D.; Farouk, A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Auta, M.; Olarewaju, S.Y.
2005-04Adeniyi O.D., Odigure J.O., Abdulkareem A.S., and Amao F.T. (2005) Water Quality Monitoring: A Case Study of Water Pollution in Minna and its Environs in Nigeria, Vol.14, No. 1 pp. 31-35, ISSN 1019-1593Adeniyi, O.D.; Odigure, J.O.; Abdulkareem, A.S.
2015Adeniyi O.D., Olutoye M.A., Adeniyi M.I. and Olutimehin J.A. (2015) Modelling and simulation of inorganic ions migration in soil water, Association for the Advancement of Modeling & Simulation techniques in Enterprises (AMSE), Lyon, France,76(1), p. 23-32 www.amse-modeling.comAdeniyi, O.D.; Olutoye, M.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutimehin, J.A.
2017Adeniyi O.D., Yakatun A.A., Adeniyi M.I., Olutoye M.A., Okafor J.O., Dikwal C.M., Ojo A.A. and Kalu E.E. (2017), Studies on Characterization of Solid Fuel using Municipal Solid Waste from Bida, Nigeria, in Translating research findings into policy in developing countries, O. Ojurongbe (ed.), LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, pp. 322- 329, ISBN 978-620-2-05009-8, 383 pages.Adeniyi, O.D.; Yakatun, A.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Okafor, J.O.; Dikwal, C.M.; Ojo, A.A.; Kalu, E.E.
2014-03Adeniyi, M.I. and Adeniyi, O.D. (2014), Tensile Test Evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steels 2205 under Seawater Conditions , Chemical Technology, Crown Publication, South Africa, pp.28-31, March, M.I.; Adeniyi, O.D.
2017Adeniyi, O.D., Adediran A.A., Adeniyi M.I., Yahya M.D., Afolabi E.A., Adebayo I.T., Ojo A.A., Efeovbokhan V., Ayoola A.A., Ojewumi M.E. (2017), Evaluation of the Impact of Kaduna Refinery Effluent on River Romi, Nigerian Journal of Technological Research (NJTR), 12(1) 17-21, , ISSN 0795-511.Adeniyi, O.D.; Adediran, A.A; Adeniyi, M.I.; Yahya, M.D.; Afolabi, E.A.; Adebayo, I.T.; Ojo, A.A.; Efeovbokhan, V.; Ayoola, A.A.; Ojewumi, M.E.
2016Afolabi E.A, Kovo A.S., Adeniyi O.D., Jibrin A., Abdulkareem A.S. and Suleiman B. (2016) Optimization of the recycle used oil and its fuel quality characterization, Leonardo Journal of Sciences (LJS), Romania, Issue 28, pp. 1-14, ISSN 1583-0233, http://ljs.academicdirect.orgAfolabi, E.A.; Kovo, A.S.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Jibrin, A.; Abdulkareem, A.S.; Suleiman, B.
2002Ajisegiri E.S.A, Chukwu O., Odigure J.O., Jimoh O.D., Adeniyi O.D. and Olagunju R.O. (2002) Environmental Impact from Industrial Operations: A case study of food processing industries in Nigeria, 15th Annual Conf. Proc., Nigeria Association of Teachers of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, pp. 368-371, ISBN 1119-4278 (18-22nd Nov., 2002).Ajisegiri, E.S.A.; Chukwu, O.; Odigure, J.O.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Olagunju, R.O.
2018Alaya-Ibrahim, S., Kovo A.S., Abdulkareem A.S., Adeniyi O.D. and M.D. Yahya (2018), Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Zeolite A for Removal of Methylene blue from Textile wastewater, Proceedings of Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, 48th Annual Conference, Abeokuta, Ogun (8-10th Nov. 2018).Alaya-Ibrahim, S.; Kovo, A.S.; Abdulkareem, A.S.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Yahya, M.D.
2019Alaya-Ibrahim, S., Kovo A.S., Abdulkareem A.S., Adeniyi O.D. and M.D. Yahya (2019), Column Adsorption Studies of Textile Wastewater Using Iron Oxide Nanoparticles doped Zeolite A, 3rd International Engineering Conference Proceedings, Minna, Nigeria, pp. 34-43, ISBN 978-978-52341-6-9,, S.; Kovo, A.S.; Abdulkareem, A.S.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Yahya, M.D.