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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adeniyi O. D. , Ali D. A., Olutoye M. A., Adeniyi M. I., Azeez O. S., Otaru A. J. and Eniafe B.O. (2016), Modeling and Simulation of Energy Recovery from a Photovoltaic Solar cell, Nigerian Journal of Technological Research (NJTR), NJTR Vol. 11(1) 26-31, DOI: , ISSN 0795-5111.Adeniyi, O.D.; Ali, D.A.; Olutoye, M.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Azeez, O.S.; Otaru, A.J.; Eniafe, B.
2020Adeniyi O. D., Ngozichukwu, B, Adeniyi M.I., Olutoye M.A., Musa U., and Ibrahim M.A. (2020), Power Generation from Melon Seed Husk Biochar using Fuel Cell, Ghana Journal of Science, 61(2), 38-44, eISSN: 0855-1448,, O.D.; Ngozichukwu, B.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Musa, U.; Ibrahim, M.A.
2015Adeniyi O.D., Adeniyi M.I, Kovo A.S., Akpan U.G., Garba M. U. and Nafiu J. O. (2015), Cashew-Nut Shell Liquid Extract as Anti-Oxidant for Gasoline Stabilization, Biofuels, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, London, U.K, 6(5-6): 291-294, , DOI:10.1080/17597269.2015.1100040,Adeniyi, O.D.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Kovo, A.S.; Akpan, U.G.; Garba, M.U.; Nafiu, J.O.
2014Adeniyi O.D., Ewan, B.C.R., Adeniyi M.I. and Abdulkadir M. (2014) The behaviour of biomass char in two direct carbon fuel cell designs, Journal of Energy Challenges & Mechanics (JECM), Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, Vol.1, Issue 4, article 6, pp.1-6 .Adeniyi, O.D.; Ewan, B.C.R.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Abdulkadir, M.
2014Adeniyi O.D., Farouk A., Adeniyi M.I., Auta M., Olutoye M.A. and Olarewaju S.Y. (2014) Briquetting of palm kernel shell biochar obtained via mild pyrolytic process, LAUTECH Journal Engineering and Technology (LAUJET), Ogbomosho, Nigeria, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 30-34, ISSN 1597-0000Adeniyi, O.D.; Farouk, A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Auta, M.; Olarewaju, S.Y.
2015Adeniyi O.D., Olutoye M.A., Adeniyi M.I. and Olutimehin J.A. (2015) Modelling and simulation of inorganic ions migration in soil water, Association for the Advancement of Modeling & Simulation techniques in Enterprises (AMSE), Lyon, France,76(1), p. 23-32 www.amse-modeling.comAdeniyi, O.D.; Olutoye, M.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutimehin, J.A.
2017Adeniyi O.D., Yakatun A.A., Adeniyi M.I., Olutoye M.A., Okafor J.O., Dikwal C.M., Ojo A.A. and Kalu E.E. (2017), Studies on Characterization of Solid Fuel using Municipal Solid Waste from Bida, Nigeria, in Translating research findings into policy in developing countries, O. Ojurongbe (ed.), LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, pp. 322- 329, ISBN 978-620-2-05009-8, 383 pages.Adeniyi, O.D.; Yakatun, A.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Olutoye, M.A.; Okafor, J.O.; Dikwal, C.M.; Ojo, A.A.; Kalu, E.E.
2014-03Adeniyi, M.I. and Adeniyi, O.D. (2014), Tensile Test Evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steels 2205 under Seawater Conditions , Chemical Technology, Crown Publication, South Africa, pp.28-31, March, M.I.; Adeniyi, O.D.
2017Adeniyi, O.D., Adediran A.A., Adeniyi M.I., Yahya M.D., Afolabi E.A., Adebayo I.T., Ojo A.A., Efeovbokhan V., Ayoola A.A., Ojewumi M.E. (2017), Evaluation of the Impact of Kaduna Refinery Effluent on River Romi, Nigerian Journal of Technological Research (NJTR), 12(1) 17-21, , ISSN 0795-511.Adeniyi, O.D.; Adediran, A.A; Adeniyi, M.I.; Yahya, M.D.; Afolabi, E.A.; Adebayo, I.T.; Ojo, A.A.; Efeovbokhan, V.; Ayoola, A.A.; Ojewumi, M.E.
2015Cashew nutshell liquid extract as antioxidant for gasoline stabilizationAdeniyi, O.D.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Kovo, A.S.; Akpan, U.G.; Garba, M.U.
2019Ijagbulu O.M, Adeniyi O.D., Uthman H., Adeniyi M.I. and Yakubu E (2019), Electrochemical performance of melon seed husk waste biochar in a direct carbon fuel cell, Proceedings of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, 49th Annual Conference, Kaduna, pp. 373-380,, O.M.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Uthman, H.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Yakubu, E.
2010-10M. I. Adeniyi, F. Aberuagba and O. D. Adeniyi (2010) Production and Preservation of Fruit Juice from African Locust Bean (Parkia Biglobosa), Assumption Univ. J. of Tech. (AUJT), Bangkok, Thailand, Vol.14, No. 2, pp. 111-118, Oct. ISSN 1513-0886,, M.I.; Aberuagba, F.; Adeniyi, O.D.
2016Modelling and Simulation of Energy Recovery from a Photovoltaic Solar CellAdeniyi, O.D.; Ali, D.A.; Olutoye, M.A.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Azeez, O.S.; Otaru, A.J.; Eniafe, B.O.
2015Yakatun A. A., Adeniyi O.D., Adeniyi M.I., Auta M., Faruk A.A. and Alhassan M. (2015), Estimation of particle size distribution in carbonized municipal solid waste using dynamic light scattering method, Proceedings of International Engineering Conference (IEC), Minna, Nigeria, pp. 481-485, ISBN 978-93-84422-11-0, (Sept 1-3rd 2015),, A.A.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Auta, M.; Faruk, A.A.; Alhassan, Mohammed
2019Yakubu E., Adeniyi, O.D., Alhassan M., Adeniyi, M.I., Uthman H., and Usman A.A. (2019), Electricity Generation using Locust Bean Waste and Coal in a Molten Carbonate Direct Carbon Fuel Cell, 3rd International Engineering Conference Proceedings, Minna, Nigeria, pp. 344-349, ISBN 978-978-52341-6-9,, E.; Adeniyi, O.D.; Alhassan, M.; Adeniyi, M.I.; Uthman, H.; Usman, A.A.