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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20191. Adefolalu, F.S, Ogbadoyi EO., Ndams, I.S and Mann, A. (2019). Evaluation of repellent effect of extracts of Hyptis suaveolens and Ocimum gratissimum leaf on diptera (culicidae).Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Ndams, Iliya S.; Mann, A
2019Anti-plasmodial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of crude and alkaloidal fraction of Terminalia glaucescens stem bark.Dannana, Luke W.; Jigam, Ali A.; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Abdulkadir, Abudullahi
2019-11-04Antioxidant Activity of Crude and Flavonoid Extracts of Ocimum gratissimum and Hyptis suaveolens LeafAdefolalu, Funmilola S.; Gara, Theresa Y.
2019-03Antiplasmodial Effect of Crude Ethanol and Alkaloidal Extracts of Sida acuta Leaf in mice.Zakariyya, Y. M; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Abubakar, Abdullahi
2011Biochemical Indicators of Sub-chronic Toxicity of Aqueous crude extracts of Azadirachta Indica leaf in mice.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Jigam, A. A; Egwin, E.C.; Muhammad, Hadiza L; Oguche, M
2011Chemical composition of saltlick (kanwa) and its effects on selected biochemical and hematological parameters in Rabbits.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Gbodi, Timothy A
2019The distribution pattern and feeding behaviour of malaria vectors in two selected communities of Karu Local government area of Nasarawa State.Hassan, Sulemain C.; Olayemi, Israel K.; Omalu, Innocent C.J.; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Eke, Samuel S.; Affiku, I. J.
2011Effect of Allium sativum on phospholipase from Naja mossambica (cobra).Abdullahi, A; Salau, A,B; Egwim, E.C; Muhammad, H.L; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ebisine, K
2011Effects of Crude Acacia nilotica DEL. root extracts in mice.Jigam, A.A.; Mohammad, H.L; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Abdulkadir, M; Jimoh, T
2010The effects of kanwa on kidney function indices in rabbits.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Gbodi, T.A
2011Effects of Monosodium glutamate on Electrolytes and some Biochemical parameters in Rats.Akanya, Helimina O.; Oloniyo, V. O; Ossamulu, Famous; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.
2014Effects of petroleum ether and n-hexane extracts of Globemetula brauni on glucose, lipids and some biochemical parameters of diabetic rats.Muhammad, Hadiza L.; Kabir, A. Y.; Mann, A; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Busari, M.B.; Raji, R.O; Shekowan, S.M.; Iwagbulem, B.
2013Evaluation of herring (clupea spp) fish eggs as a potential source of dietary protein in animal modelEgwim, Evans, C; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Josiah, Imoh
2019Evaluation of Prophylactic and curative Effects of Diospyros mespiliformis (jackalberry) leaf extract on ethanol induced gastric ulcer in albino ratsAdefolalu, Funmilola S.; Luka, S.; Jigam, A. A.; Egwim, E.C.
2010Evaluation of serum cholesterol, cadmium and serum cadmium in smokers.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Muhammad, Hadiza L.
2013Evaluation of Susceptibility and Resistance Effects of Mosquito (Diptera) Detoxifying Enzymes to synthetic and Plant Insecticides.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Ndams, Iliya S.; Mann, A
2011Hypoglycemic and safety evaluation of the aqueous leaf extract of Hyptis suaveolens in mice.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Mohammad, Hadiza L.
2011Hypoglycemic properties of Ximenia amenia and its effect on serum enzymes and lipid profile.Muhammad, Hadiza L.; Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Abdulkadir, A; Adeyemo, R.S.
2019-08Invitro and Invivo Antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of Carica papaya SeedAdefolalu, Funmilola S.; Darius, Ojigi; AbdulRasheed-Adeleke, Tawakaltu
2015Larvicidal Activities of N-Hexane Fraction of Ocimum gratissimum Leaf against Mosquito Larvae and its GC-Ms Analysis of Phytoconstituents.Adefolalu, Funmilola S.; Ogbadoyi, Emmanuel O.; Ndams, Iliya S.; Mann, Abdullahi