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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Impact of Abattoir Effluent on River Landzu, Bida, NigeriaSaidu, Mohammed; Musa, John Jiya
2012Impact of Abattoir Effluent on River Landzu, Bida, Nigeria.SAIDU, M; Musa, John Jiya
2011Impact of Gully Erosion on Small and Medium Farms in Ponyan Community, Kogi State, Nigeria.Musa, John Jiya; MOHAMMED, S. A.; AWONIYI, F.
2021Implications of Optimisation Algorithm on the Forecast Performance of Artificial Neural Network for Streamflow Modelling.Otache, Martins Yusuf; Musa, John Jiya; KUTI, I. A.; MOHAMMED, M.
2018Influence of rice husk-mulch on soil water balance components under sorghum and millet crops in Maiduguri, semi-arid northwest Nigeria.EZE, P. C.; ODOFIN, A. J.; ONYEKWERE, I. N; Musa, John Jiya; TASDO, P. A.
2020Influence of Soil Bulk Density and Porosity on Soil Hydraulic Conductivities for Selected Land Management Practice in North-central Nigeria.Musa, John Jiya; AKPOEBIDMIYEN, O. E.; ADEWUMI, J. K.; EZE, P. C.; ADESIJI, A. R.; GUPA, Y. U.
2009-10An Investigation into the Causes of Water Logging at Zauro Polder Pilot Project Scheme in Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria.Idah, Mustapha; Musa, Arugungu, M.; H. I. P. A.; Musa, John Jiya
2021Irrigation with Unsafe Industrial Wastewater and Associated Health Risks: An Emerging Technology for Heavy Metals RemovalMOHAMMED, A. S.; DANSO-BOATENG, E.; SANDA, A. D.; WHEATLEY, M. I.; ANIMASHAUN, M. I.; KUTI, I. A.; MUSATAPHA, H. I.; Otache, Martins Yusuf; Musa, John Jiya
2019Longitudinal and transverse mobility of Some heavy metals on receiving soils of dumpsites in Niger State, NigeriaMusa, John Jiya; BALA, J. D.; MUSTAPHA, H. I.; MUSA, E. T.; YERIMA, I. Y.; DANIEL, E. S.; AKOS, P. M.
2012Mechanization Effect on Farm Practices in Kwara State, North Central Nigeria.DAUDA, S. M; Musa, John Jiya; DESA, A.
2018-05-17A Methodology fro Designing Rainfall Simulator: A reviewKuti, Ibrahim Abayomi; Musa, John Jiya; ADEOYE, Peter Aderemi; Adabembe, Bolaji Adelanke; Hillary, Aroboensen; Bello, Aliyu Goro
2020Modelling Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Modified Soil Moisture Balance Approach in Otukpo Basin, NigeriaADAUDU, I. I.; ADESIJI, A. R.; Musa, John Jiya; ASOGWA, E. O.
2020-12-02Modelling Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Modified Soil Moisture Balance Approach In Otukpo Basin, NigeriaAdaudu, I.I; Adesiji, A. R; Musa, John Jiya; Asogwa, E.O; Mangey, J.A
2010-04Nigeria’s Rural Economic Development Strategy: Community Driven Development ApproachMusa, John Jiya
2014Opportunities and Challenges in the Renewable Energy Sources in Federal Capital Territory, Niger and Kogi States in Nigeria.YAKUBU, J.; Musa, John Jiya; OKEGBILE, O. J.
2020Organic matter and heavy metals leachate effect on soils of selected dumpsites in selected north central states of Nigeria.Musa, John Jiya; BALA, J. D.; MUSTAPHA, H. I.; MUSA, E. T.; AKOS, P. M.; YERIMA, Y. I.; DANIEL, E. S
2019An Overview of Methods Used in the Determination of Soil Hydraulic ConductivityMusa, John Jiya; GUPA, Y. U.
2010Palm Kernel Shell as Aggregate for lightweight Concrete.IDAH, P. A.; Musa, John Jiya
2011-06Physico-chemical Assessment of Groundwater as a Source of Domestic Water Use in Some Selected Settlements in Minna, Niger State.Musa, John Jiya; ADEWUMI, J. K.; ADEOYE, P. A.; MUSTAPHA, H. I.; ADEBAYO, S. E.