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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-13Boundary layer flow of a nanofluid in an inclined wavy wall with convective boundary conditionYusuf, Abdulhakeem; Bolarin, G; Jiya, M; Aiyesimi, Y. M; Okedayo, G. T.
2013-11-06A Convective MHD Flow of a Micropolar Fluid Past a Stretched Permeable Surface with RadiationAiyesimi, Y. M.; Yusuf, Abdulhakeem; Jiya, M
2019A decomposition approach for magnetohydrodynamics stagnation point flow over an inclined shrinking/stretching sheet with suction/injectionYusuf, Abdulhakeem; Bolarin, G; Oguntolu, F.A; Jiya, M; Aiyesimi, Y.M
2019-09-02A Decomposition Approach for Magnetohydrodynamics Stagnation Point Flow over an inclined Shrinking/Stretching Sheet with Suction/injectionYusuf, Abdulhakeem; Bolarin, G. A; Oguntolu, F. A; Jiya, M; Aiyesimi, Y. M
2018-03-03The effect of Soret and Dufour on the Transient solution of second grade fluid flow and heat transfer past a vertical infite plateAiyesimi, Y. M.; Akintewe, B. N.; Jiya, M; Olayiwola, R. O; Bolarin, G. A; Yusuf, Abdulhakeem
2019-04Effects of Goegebra International Package on Secondary School Students Achievement in Geometry in Markurdi Metropolis of Benue StateAbari, M. T; Gimba, R. W.; Hassan, A. A; Jiya, M
2020-07-05Forecasting of 2-3 Prey-Predator Using Aiyesimi Non-Diffused Mathematical ModelMakinde, S. O; Bolarin, G; Yusuf, Abdulhakeem; Aiyesimi, Y. M; Jiya, M; Olayiwola, R. O
2015-01-04Hydromagnetic boundary-layer flow of a nanofluid past a stretching sheet embedded in a darcian porous medium with radiationAiyesimi, Y. M; Yusuf, Abdulhakeem; Jiya, M