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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Novel Practices in EducationFalode, O. C.
2015-08Organizational factors affecting effective utilization of virtual laboratory package on selected Nigerian secondary school physics concepts.Falode, O. C.; Bello, A.; Usman, H.; Idris, A. W.
2017-12-04Perceived usefulness and perceived ease of blog for teaching among pre-service biology teachers in Kano State, Nigeria.Baffa, Y.; Falode, O. C.; Tukura, C. S.
2021Perception and Attitude of Employers of Labour Market: A Case Study of Niger State, Nigeria.Falode, O. C.; Ogunje, B. F.; Chukwuemeka, E. J.; Bello, A.
2016Phases involved and model derived from the development and evaluation of virtual laboratory package on selected Nigerian secondary school physics conceptsFalode, O. C.; Onasanya, S. A.; Gambari, A. I.; Mohammed, H.; Abass, A. A.
2023Practical technological skills improvement needs of educational technology practitioners in Niger State, NigeriaPindar, S. J.; Falode, O. C.; Sobowale, F. M.
2018Pre-service teachers’ perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude and intentions towards virtual laboratory package utilization in teaching and learning of physicsFalode, O. C.
2019-06-13Preparedness and attitude of students towards conduct of senior school certificate examination in electronic mode in Niger State, Nigeria.Ayodele, A. D; Falode, O. C.
2020-05-24Relationship between flexibility of learning, support services and students’ attitude towards distance learning programme in Nigeria.Falode, O. C.; Chukwuemeka, E. J.; Bello, A.; Baderinwa, T.
2017-02-05Relationship between Students ICT Background Exposure, Access to ICT Learning Facilities and Academic Achievement in Undergraduate Educational Technology ProgrammeFalode, O. C.; Gambari, A. I.; Alabi, T. O.; Falode, M. E.
2017Relationship between students’ ICT background exposure, access to ICT learning facilities and academic achievement in undergraduate educational technology programme.Falode, O. C.; Gambari, A. I.; Alabi, T. O; Falode, M. E.
2014Relative effectiveness of computer-based instruction, digital video and audio packages on students’ achievement in algebra.Gambari, A. I.; Falode, O. C.; Adegunna, A. D.
2019-10-05Self-efficacy and behavioural intention of pre-service teachers towards electronic teaching in Niger state, Nigeria.Falode, O. C.; Nwachukwu, N. N.; Ogunje, B. F.; Ilufoye, T. O.
2016Students' Attitude Towards E-examination in Federal University of Technology Minna, NigeriaFalode, O. C.; Sobowale, F. M.; Falode, M .E; Saliu, M. R.; Adalikwu, T. M.
2015-12Students’ attitude towards e-examination in Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria.Falode, O. C.; Sobowale, F. M.; Falode, M. E.
2015-11-04Teaching and learning efficacy of virtual laboratory package on selected Nigerian secondary school physics concepts.Falode, O. C.; Onasanya, S. A.
2019-03-15Three modes of podcast augmented instruction and pre-service Physics teachers’ cognitive learning outcomes in Colleges of Education in North-Central, Nigeria.Balogun, S. A.; Gambari, A. I.; Falode, O. C.
2012Undergraduates’ perception of internet usage for learning in the University of Ilorin.Olawale, A. C.; Falode, O. C.
2020-09-30Utilization of YouTube Videos for Instructional Purposes: Perception and Attitude of Lecturers in Niger State College of Education, MinnaAlabi, T. O.; Falode, O. C.; Adebambo, Maneju Ruth; Abdulkareem, A. Y.
2017Virtual laboratory package for conducting Nigerian secondary school physics experiments: How novel, how interactive and how friendly?Falode, O. C.; Alabi, T. O.; Usman, Z. N.; Ilufoye, T. O.; Awoyemi, I. D.