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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-29How Much Livelihood Diversification Does for Multidimensional Welfare Statuses.Popoola, D. P.; Adebayo, C.O.; Abdullahi, A
2021Influence of improved open pollinated maize variety adoption on livelihood of farmers in Niger Sate, NigeriaUmar, I.S.; Mohammed, U; Mohammed, Y; Abdullahi, A; Abubakar, U
2012Inhibitory activity of xanthine oxidase by fractions Crateva adansoniiAbdullahi, A; Hamzat, R. U; Jigam, A.A; Yahya, A; Kabiru ., A.Y; Muhammad, H. L; Sakpe, S; Adefolalu, Funmilola S. F.S.,; Isah, M.C; Kolo, M.Z
2017-10-09Innovation Transfer Practice Among Universities and Research Institutes. A Panacea for Entrepreneur Development.Ibrahim, M.; Adesiji, G. B; Salihu, I. T.; Umar, I. S; Mohammed, U. S; Abdullahi, A
2013-06Level of Participation of Rural Women in Rice Processing in Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State.Tyabo, I S; Umar, A; Ibrahim, M.; Abdullahi, A; Mohammed, U. S; Ndatsu, J. A
2023Measuring the Causality on Cooperatives Livelihood Diversification and Determinants among Poultry Farms Holders: A Case Study of South West Nigeria.Popoola, D. P.; Adebayo, C.O.; Abdullahi, A
2019Profitabilty efficiency of cattle value chain actors in Niger State, Nigeria.Adebayo, C.O.; Abdullahi, A; Ndanitsa, M.A; Tsowa, M.
2021Review on Analyses of Private and Public Benefits of rice Processing Intervention Uhder IFAD-Value Chain Development Programme in Niger State, NigeriaMohammed, I; Coker, A. A. A; Abdullahi, A