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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-06An Architectural Framework for Ant Lion Optimization-based Feature Selection Technique for Cloud Intrusion Detection System using Bayesian ClassifierChristopher, Haruna Atabo; Yakubu, Jimoh; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Mohammed, Abdulmalik D
2018-05-12A Cloud-based Conceptual Framework for Multi-Objective Virtual Machine Scheduling using Whale Optimization AlgorithmRana, Nadim; Abd Latiff, Shafie Muhammad; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2013-08-02Combating Terrorism with Cybersecurity: The Nigerian PerspectiveOsho, Oluwafemi; Adeyinka, Adesuyi Falaye; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2020-04-01Comparative Analysis of Classical and Post-quantum Digital Signature Algorithms used in Bitcoin transactionsMoses, Noel Dogonyaro; Victor, Waziri Onomza; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Joseph, Ojeniyi Adebayo; Okoro, Malvis Ugonna
2018-01Comparative Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Email Spam DetectionAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Shuaib, Maryam; Osho, Oluwafemi; Ismaila, Idris; Alhassan, J. K.
2020-04-20Comparative Performance Analysis of Anti-virus SoftwareMoses, Noel Dogonyaro; Victor, Waziri Onomza; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Obada, S. L.
2013-05-20Controlling Citizen’s Cyber Viewing Using Enhanced Internet Content FiltersAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Fasilat, Ibrahim
2013-06-13Cyber Crimes Analysis Based-On Open Source Digital Forensics ToolsWaziri, Victor O.; Okongwu, N. O; Isah, Audu; Olawale, A S; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2011-10-13Cybercrimes and The Nigerian Academic Institution NetworksAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Haruna, Chiroma; Abubakar, Adamu
2020-05-20Deep Learning Architectures in Emerging Cloud Computing Architectures: Recent Development, Challenges and Next Research TrendFatsuma, Jauro; Chiroma, Haruna; Gital, Abdulsalam Y.; Almutairi, Mubarak; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Abawajy, Jemal H.
2013-03-13The Design and Development of Real-Time E-Voting System in Nigeria with Emphasis on Security and Result VeracityAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Adebayo, Olawale Surajudeen; Ugiomoh, Damian Oshomah; Abdulmalik, Mohammed Danlami
2010-03-20Design Evaluation of Some Nigerian University Portals: A Programmer's Point of ViewAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Ismaila, Idris
2010Design evaluation of some nigerian university portals: A programmers point of viewAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Ismaila, Idris
2010-09-20Destination Information Management System for Tourist.Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Gana, Usman
2020-05-12Detecting Ransomware Attacks Via Intelligent Algorithms: Recent Development and Next Direction from Deep Learning and Big Data PerspectivesIbrahim, Bello; Chiroma, Haruna; Abdullahi, Usman A.; Yau, Abdulsalam Gital; Jauro, Fatsuma; Khan, Abdullah; Okesola, Julius O.; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2018-08-02Development of Blowfish Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Storage in Public and Commercial Cloud Computing EnvironmentAbdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Sadiq, Nafisat Abubakar; Abdullahi, Mohammed; Rana, Nadim; Chiroma, Haruna; Gbenga, Dada Emmanuel
2012-05-13Dynamic Interactive 3D Mobile Navigation AidAdam, A.I.; Mantoro, T.; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2010-03-13E- Exams System for Nigerian Universities with Emphasis on Security and Result IntegrityOlawale, Adebayo; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2019-02-14An efficient symbiotic organisms search algorithm with chaotic optimization strategy for multi-objective task scheduling problems in cloud computing environmentAbdullahi, Mohammed; Ngadi, Md Asri; Dishing, Salihu Idi; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad
2014-10-13Email Spam Detection Generation Algorithm for Negative Selection Algorithm with Hamming Distance Partial Matching RulesIDRIS, ISMAILA; Abdulhamid, Shafi’i Muhammad; Mohammed, A; Suleiman, U. D.; Akosu, N